123Curry – Do Not Keep This Tape – [perk008]

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Moving magnetic bits on a sphere. A transatlantic translation…. Welcoming this analogic act moving to our digital space as 8th release. Enjoy various ambient bubbles of luminescent instruments growing between walls and then expanding onto the globe. Tapecrossing, did you say ?

The tape was released by being left in bathrooms, restaurants, cafes, and anywhere someone might find and appreciate it.

Only information follows :
Hello, you are now in temporary possession of 11 pieces of music.  Feel free to listen, but please make sure to send it on its way afterwards.  This tape is not meant to be owned.  If found stored or not being listened to, please feel free to take this tape.  123curry

The fold-out also features a sign-in sheet for the listener to check in the location and date of discovery.  A limited release of 50 tapes have been so far been tracked to the US east coast, Paris, Stockholm, Rome, Berlin, and Marseille. All of these songs took something from me, and by releasing it I hope I am able to connect to anyone who might feel similarly to myself.”



Contrat Creative Commons

5 Responses to 123Curry – Do Not Keep This Tape – [perk008]

  1. Mark says:

    Love it!! It always makes me happy to listen to stuff like this that people are making purely for the sake of the music.

  2. s k says:

    Thank you Mark. Your comment comes from ages straight to the chest.

  3. Poulaindemiel says:

    c’est juste très bon

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