It Leaves, It Leaves – s/t [perk005]


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PERKuNowA is proud to present its 5th release, after a little more than 18 months of existence. 10 pieces, unrevealed jewels from the best-kept Belgian indie songwriting. Crystal thoughts, unfathomable night, blurry lights… A rare energy along guitar composition, lyrics and beats.

Hometaped in Ronquieres, Belgium.

writing and music : gdm / acoustic drums : sk


Contrat Creative Commons


11 Responses to It Leaves, It Leaves – s/t [perk005]

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  4. Seb G. says:

    Terrible… Mais pour donner un avis plus concret, faudra attendre que j’ai appris par coeur… 😉

  5. nicoco says:

    terrible fieu… certaines mélodies m’évoquent d’ailleurs quelques souvenirs… 😉

    à quand la version fury post-hardcore? 🙂

    keep alive the struggle spirit!


  6. Iok Sotot says:

    Dig it. Can hear the Elliot Smith influence. I like some of the discordant tones in the music. Vocalist sounds better double tracked. Needs more confidence on dry miked tracks. Despite this I really dig it. Good stuff

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  11. Marc says:

    Fantastic Download! Very enjoyable.

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