Sébastien Biset – Openfield – [perk004]



Click on cover to download the full album !


Almost one year after the creation of the label, we’re proud to announce our 4th release under the snow !

Openfield is a subtle journey built from scattered travels and moments of 2009.

Sébastien Biset (Sepia Hours, Soumonces!, MNÓAD…) drives us through the lands with a collection of field recordings, in which he drew his own noise, post-folk compositions, indietronic pieces, darkness and light.

You’ll travel skies and seas, towns and islands, thanks to the original sound and “This Way Out“, a short art movie. All coming in an elegant handmade package (on sale) containing a CD-R, a mini-DVD, some cards and a noble-drinks-related booklet (in French).  Limited to 30 physical copies… + timeless free download on Perkunowa !

Ben Impostor and Jean DL collaborated on tracks 8 & 9.

[→ sebastien-biset.com/

TO BUY THIS PACKAGE | 11,5€ | postal service included | worldwide | contact us | perkunowa @ gmail.com | paypal and IBAN available |

full release (.zip) @ internet archive

track-by-track (.mp3) @ soundcloud

Creative Commons License


2 Responses to Sébastien Biset – Openfield – [perk004]

  1. Claire Coula says:

    Bonjour. Je voudrais un exemplaire de Openfield. J’ai déjà essayé le commander par mail, mais ça n’a pas l’air de fonctionner …

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